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South Island Schools Orienteering Champs 2018


Day 1



The WinSplits website was down on the day of the event but now availble at the link below:


Day 2




Mass start





Programme and Start List

The full programme and start lists are now available for download.

pdf Programme and Start Lists (1Mb pdf)

An updated start list is now available. This only effects those who have requested a change of grade or course, and those who entered late and weren't included on the initial list.

pdf Updated Start List (4pm 22 April)

Event details

These are public events open to everyone to enter. The events also incorporate the South Island Schools Champs 2018.

Monday 23 April 2018 – Wanaka
Long Distance – Schools and Public event

Tuesday 24 April 2018 – Queenstown
Race 1: Sprint Distane – Schools and Public event
Race 2: Relay (Schools) or Mass start (Public event)

Entry Fees (per day)
Adult $30
Junior $15 (20 years and under)
Family maximum $70

Note: The Tuesday event consists of two races. The enry fee for this day is the same whether you enter one or both races.

Payment is to be made by direct deposit.

Direct deposit: 06 0665 0150257 00
Particulars: SISS
Reference: A three digit code displayed to you when you enter


For more information email Fraser at fraser@orienteering.co.nz