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Day One

Date: Monday 23 April 2018

Event: South Island Schools Championships Long Distance and Public event.

Locality: Mount Iron, Wanaka

Nature of terrain: Mount Iron is an impressive, glacier carved, rocky knoll that rises nearly 250 m above the surrounding countryside. The competition area is on private land consisting of low kānuka shrubland with rock and contour detail. This is a brand new map on excellent orienteering terrain. An event not to be missed.

Map scale: 1:4,000

Contour interval: 2.5m

Approximate length of courses, and classes:

Course lengths will be based on multi-day distances and not full length long distance winning times.

Course 1: Red Long (Male and Female)
Course 2: Red Medium (Male and Female)
Course 3: Red Short (Male and Female)
Course 4: Orange (Male and Female)
Course 5: Yellow (Male and Female)
Course 6: White (Male and Female)

Schools Grades:

The following classes are competed in the individual long distance schools event:
- Senior Boys and Senior Girls Championship (Red), Standard (Orange) and Novice (Yellow)
- Intermediate Boys and Intermediate Girls Championship (Orange) and Standard (Yellow)
- Junior Boys and Junior Girls Championship (Yellow) and Standard (White)
- Year 7/8 Boys and Year 7/8 Girls Championship (Yellow) and Standard (White)
- Year 4/5/6 Boys and Year 4/5/6 Girls (White)

Start times: Midday to 2pm.

Entries close: Sunday 15 April. Limited to 200 people. Don't miss out.

Control punching: SFR system

Enquiries: Fraser Mills, fraser@orienteering.co.nz

Planner: Fraser Mills
Controller: Chris Forne
Coordinator. Fraser Mills

Embargoed areas: All private land on Mt Iron.